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Permits and Applications

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Many of these forms can be filled out on your computer.  Forms can be filled out online and printed or downloaded to your computer to be filled out, saved and sent via email. Your application cannot be submitted through our website at this time.

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 Building Permits and Applications
(PDF fillable forms)

Building Inspection Sheet

Commercial Building Permit Application 

Residential Building Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Roof Permit Application

Encroachment Permit Application 

Irrigation Permit Application 

Sign Permit Application 

Temporary Special Event Sign Permit Application 

Sign Regulations (link to Municipal Code)

Structure Move Permit 

Water & Sewer Service Connection Report/Ditch Card

 Planning Permits & Applications

(PDF fillable forms)

Annexation Application Request

Conditional Use Permit Application

Variance Request Application

Zoning/Rezoning Application Request  

Official Complaint Form (Public Works)

City of Hamilton Official Complaint Form (2018 fillable form)

 Administration & Finance Permits & Applications

Business License Form (2018 fillable form)

Community Center Rental Application (2018 fillable form)

Community Center Floor Plan

Special Events Permit Application (2018 fillable form)

Loud Speaker Permit Application (2018 fillable form)

Grant Assistance Request Form