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Building Department

920 New York Ave.

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Building and Planning-

Responsible for planning, economic development, code enforcement, and building (permits and inspections). This department administers the City's land use policies, including zoning, building, subdivision, and environmental regulations. In addition, Community Development staff members provide technical assistance and disseminate information to the Planning Board & Zoning Board of Adjustment, and other outside committees which pertain to community development, developers, and the public. This department includes the Building Inspector/ Zoning & Floodplain Administrator, the City Planner/Special Projects Director, the Building Department Secretary and is also supported by the Public Works Clerk.

Building Department-

Building Inspector/ Zoning & Floodplain Administrator, Land Hansen

(406) 363 - 3316


Planning Department-

City Planner

(406) 363-6717


Stephanie Lewis, Public Works Clerk

(406) 363-6717

Tamara Rupp, Secretary/Receptionist

(406) 363- 6717

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