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Hamilton Public Art Standards 
Jan 27, 2017

Are you interested in art or are you an artist?  What about public art? Would you like to see more public art projects in Hamilton? The Hamilton City Council is asking for artists and others interested in the visual arts, to help us define public art standards for our city.

 If you are interested, please provide the city a letter of interest. In your letter of interest, please let us know if you would be willing to meet and participate in a committee whose purpose will be to draft public art standards for the City of Hamilton. Mail your letter to Hamilton Deputy City Clerk, 223 S 2nd, Hamilton, MT 59840 or email your letter to

Your letter of interest should include why you are interested and any pertinent qualifications you have, as well as your contact information, including mailing address, email address and telephone number by February 24, 2017. The letters will be reviewed and you will be notified if you are selected to serve on the committee.