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Contractors, Landscapers, and Snow Removal Companies: important information 
Nov 27, 2019

Date:   November 27, 2019

Attention:  Contractors, Landscapers and Snow Removal Companies

City of Hamilton Snow Removal Permit

Due to an increased number of complaints and conflicts between private and public snow removal last winter, the City of Hamilton will begin increased enforcement of its ordinances related to snow removal and depositing of snow and ice in the public rights-of-way.

Therefore, the City of Hamilton will require Contractors to register with Public Works and provide a list of clients they have under contract for snow removal.  Upon receiving all required information, Public Works will issue a Snow Removal Permit as part of the 2020 City Business License application.

 We also ask that each vehicle plowing snow be clearly identified with a company name and phone number. 

Please click on the links below to read the City of Hamilton's municipal code pertaining to snow removal.

9.20.105 - Depositing of snow, ice, leaves and other debris restricted

9.20.100 - Removal of snow and ice

If you have any questions regarding this Ordinance, please contact Public Works at (406) 363-6717.