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Snow Removal Information 
Nov 2, 2020

City of Hamilton Snow Removal

The City of Hamilton would like to remind City residents and business owners of your snow removal responsibilities during the winter season and how you can help City crews by being aware of their snow removal schedule.

Clearing Sidewalks

In Hamilton, city ordinance requires residents and business owners clear sidewalks as quickly as possible, but no later than 9am after an accumulation of snow, ice, slush, mud or other debris. Businesses located by ADA corner ramps should make sure ramps are also clear and accessible.  Temperatures can vary significantly on any given winter’s day leading to thawing and freezing. If you use ice melt to keep your sidewalks and driveways ice free and walkable, we ask that you use a pet friendly product.   There are many different products on the market. Some research may be required to help you decide what product will melt ice and yet be as safe as possible for your pet and neighborhood pets. We appreciate your help in making Hamilton’s sidewalks safer for everyone.

Snow Route

Based on weather conditions, city snow plows are out clearing main city streets beginning in the very early morning. Main, State, Pine, 10th and 5th Streets, Fairgrounds Road and Kurtz Lane are all streets that are designated by “Snow Route” signs. From November 15 to February 28 between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. no parking is allowed in these areas designated with the "Snow Route" signs.

During a snowstorm, you can help City crews by not parking along Snow Routes. When driving or walking give plows plenty of room.

Keep Fire Hydrants Accessible

In an emergency, every second matters. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed or difficult to access due to snow or ice can impede emergency fire response.

If your home is located close to a fire hydrant, Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Brad Mohn, requests that you clear snow away so that the hydrant is quickly and easily accessible in the case of an emergency.

Snow Removal Permits (Contractors)

Any contractor, professional company or any individual that charges for any type of snow removal services within the City Limits of Hamilton is required to have a valid city business license and insurance. Contractors are also required to register and receive a temporary snow removal permit. The permits cost ten dollars for each winter season. Contractors are also asked to provide a list of clients they have under contract for snow removal. If you have not registered please call the Public Works Department at 406.363.6717.
Please be aware of where snow is being deposited.  Snow needs to remain on the property and should not be deposited in the City right of way. Don’t block fire hydrants or any sidewalk, pedestrian roadway crossing, street or street shoulder, curb or gutter boulevard, any handicap parking space or ramp, alley openings or any area designated for emergency vehicle access.

 We appreciate your cooperation. Thanks for doing your part!